About Karin


Les embruns: pluie fine formée de gouttelettes d’eau de mer projetées dans l’air à partir d’une surface agitée (Larousse)

Beautiful, misty seaspray


or violent

drizzly marker of that in-between space

where Ocean meets Land

As an academic, I work across and between many disciplines (history, literary studies, race and critical whiteness studies, creole studies, postcolonial studies, francophone studies and literary translation) and topics (transnational and trans-imperial migrations, slavery and forced labour, the sugar industry…) but all of my research is related in some way to the ocean or the sea, particularly, although not exclusively, the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

As a poet, some of the fascinating, “local”, “little” or “plural” stories (as opposed to master narratives) that I uncover in my research slip over to the other side, cross the fiction/non-fiction divide and enter my poetry.

This blog is like my coast, where the sea sprays its fine, salty droplets, a liminal space for me to share some of the embruns of my research, poetry, and anything in between.

For my REX02McC_400x400research see: https://independent.academia.edu/KarinSpeedy

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