Ghosts in the Archive

Almost nothing

Louis Joubert

Louise Joubert, Hunters Hill archives


if you close your eyes

see with all your senses

you might just make them out

Tiptoeing across the ledgers

dancing in the margins

playing hide and seek

between the lines

Sometimes you catch their gaze

staring back

through the eyes

of a slightly blurry

sepia print

smiling hopefully

mum fishing at magenta

Fishing at Magenta, Nouméa, c. 1930, Photo: Chris Vidal


if you will be the one

to unleash their glory

or their pain

If you listen with all your heart

those imperceptible shuffles

will take on the rhythm of speech

and they will whisper softly

of their travails

of their triumphs


Haja Fatima, Photo: Karin Speedy 2008

 of their tragedies

And like a conjurer

you will make them appear

bring them to life

write their stories

re-inscribe them into history

Then they can sleep

©Karin Speedy 2016






One thought on “Ghosts in the Archive

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